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Things I’m Loving Saturday

We’ve had a pretty busy week in our household, and of course right smack dab in the middle of the week was Valentine’s Day.  The day of LOVE.  We ended up spending an evening at home with the kids sharing heart shaped pizza and exchanging boxes of chocolate.  So to round up this week, I wanted to share our favorite things, we will do this each Saturday.  I’d love to hear some of the things you’re loving and trying out!

1. Amelia’s Flower Truck

I discovered this little gem last spring while we were out on a day trip in Nashville.  This mobile flower truck always has the best flowers and you pay by flower and can create your own bundle.  You can follow Amelia’s on IG and they will let you know where they park their amazing VW for the day. We sometimes will ask them to create one for us, as they many times have more creative minds then we do.


These flowers have lasted me up to 4 weeks, depending on which type I choose.  I typically will switch the water out of my mason jar vase every other day and clean it before placing the flowers back in.

They also have a monthly subscription and will deliver flowers to the Nashville area monthly.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

2. No Baked Cookie Dough

I’ve had several doctor appointments this week and ended up wanting a sweet treat after one of them.  I have appointments in the West End of town and had heard about this new dessert shop from a friend.  If you love eating the cookie dough before you bake your own cookies at home, you will love this place.  They recently opened their store in Nashville and will be expanding soon into Louisville, KY.  You definitely want to check this out!!!


I picked up the brownie chocolate chip in a vanilla flavored waffle cone.  I also picked up chocolate chip, and cookies and cream for the kiddos.  They loved having the sweet treat to come home to.  They even have a little peanut butter shot for the pup if you have them tag along, Bella enjoyed hers when we got home. I believe the Bo’s Dough was around $1.00-$1.50, so I didn’t mind snagging one for the pup!  They have outdoor seating and it’s super quaint.  Located right next to Centennial park where the Parthenon is located.

3&4.      Let’s Combine this one

David Rio Chai & Target Clay Stackable Mugs


Guys!!! This chai is to die for, the coffee shop on my college campus back in New York carried this.  You can make it in a frappe style, iced and my favorite hot using milk.  If you are desperately limiting calories you can opt for water.  But I make this as a sweet treat towards the end of my day, or pop it into my YETI mug for work.

This MUG though!!  I’m falling in love with my Target runs even more!  I love Grey’s Anatomy and the saying on this mug is something every Grey’s fan remembers. They have about 10-15 different stackable clay mugs and you can find them in the Homeware section.  Go get you some!!!


Have a wonderful weekend! One of our kiddos was diagnosed with Strep yesterday so we will be having a comfy weekend indoors!





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